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Bathroom And Toilet

Интерьер туалетаFor all those concerned about the forthcoming renovation or renovation of the toilet room, we are proposing a set of 60 interesting design projects that we have collected for homeowners with different taste and style preferences in a wide range of colour decisions and for different levels of the financial budget.

As part of the planning for the repair of the toilet, it is important to bear in mind that, in addition to being aesthetic attractiveness, all materials used to separate the premises must be resistant to moisture, cleaned easily and quickly, and the effects of chemicals for cleaning.

Currently, the Separate Materials Market for Sanuslov offers a wide range of products that meet all the requirements of a small but important functional segment of the dwelling. Starting with the ceramic stove and ending with moisture rims, laminated panels, glass and plastic, all work to create unique, practical and rational utilitar spaces.

We'll look at the design details of the toilet rooms with different types of separation, colour gamma and stylices.

Snow - clean and fresh for small rooms

The toilet is a space that, as any other utilitar space in a house or apartment, needs to create a fresh, practically sterile atmosphere. Of course, a bright colour palette in the toilet room will be a guide to purity and comfort. Given the small size of the room, white colour in the form will also be an assistant to visual expansion.

In order to avoid learning the toilet environment, I'll go with the sterile OR, add a couple of accents to the white interior, not necessarily very bright or counterfeit, a fairly small section of the wall, scattered with material other than the main.

The alternative white shade can be coloured from the dangerous group, light and tender shades will be won with white plumber and a heat collor of decoration elements.

Combination of white ceramic stoves and light tones of vinegars can be an excellent option for a small area.

Establishment the modern interior The toilet room, many designers try to cover as many communications and engineering systems as possible for counterfeit loops or use built-in plumbing options. But some professionals who turn to the retro-reflector prefer the nascent display of all communications systems, presenting them as part of the decoration, not just the functional segment.

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