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Caffle In The Bathroom Design

For the bathroom, the stove is the perfect separatist material that protects against the moisture of walls, floor, ceiling. Ceramic coatings meet the requirements of sanitary and hygienic regulations, resist the formation of moulds, mushroom microorganisms, etc.

However, the bathroom stove is valuable not only for technical properties but also for the attractiveness of design. Tesser (Moscow) has a large number of different models, ranging from noble classics to moderate minimalism.

Collection composition

Each collection is a complete set of funds for the creation of a stylish interior in one design key. The base is a wallboard for the bathroom. In combination, a variety of decorative elements are proposed: boxes, pano, brodures, glass pencils, corners, etc.

Bathboard It also matches the color and style of the rest of the models, but differently from them with a greater thickness. Some manufacturers, in lieu of traditional floor café, propose the use of impactor and endurance.


On this catalogue page, you will find a ceramic tube from Russian and foreign producers. The model of unprotected design and quality is considered to be a ceramic from Spain, Italy. The price of this elite product is generally higher than that of other manufacturers. So if you want to buy a beautiful and quality stick in a low-cost bathroom, please draw attention to the proposals of Polish or Turkish factories. Decided, charged and meeting standards ceramic plate in bathroom It is possible to acquire a collection of domestic, Belarusian, Ukrainian brands.

On the Tesser site, you can order the purchase of the stove and use the Disein Project.

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