Дизайн совмещенной ванной

Combined Bathroom Photo

Bathroom design hitrosity

Starting repairs, few are ready for a large-scale redesign of pipes and wires and the installation of capital structures. But there's a way to achieve remarkable results in small ways.

  • Small, reciprocally incorporated sanitar

Expanding the space of a close sanitary can be enriched by transparent, plastic or glass elements of the interrier. It could be a sink from uncoloured glass or a mattt semi-transparent shower panel.

5The colored gamma of a small sanusle should preferably be bright, warm shades.

The bright lighting of the bathroom will widen the room space.

  • Simply bath, combined with toilet

Would it look like problems for the owners of simple bathrooms? It turns out, however, that such a space may look empty and uncomfortable.6 In order to avoid such an effect, a room can be divided into areas of semi-transparent or low size, based on hippo-art design, partitions.

An empty space can be taken by a walking chair for rest, a toilet table or even a light couch. There's a good look at the broad shells with the salts and the unusual ones. bathrooms Living green plants.

  • Walls and floors in the bathroom

High humidity is the main problem of the bathroom. Special requirements are therefore required for the separation of the walls of this room. Ceramic stoves or high-profile ceramolimits are used most often for these purposes, as well as for laying the floor. These materials satisfy all the requirements - they're moisture, long and easy to clean. And by the variety of sizes and decor, they just don't have equals.

But the stove has flaws. Suffice and high price. It's much more cost-effective and easier to use plastic panels in the dispensation.

And for those who wish to create a unique interior that prefers exclusive design and pays no attention to the price, it is possible to lay the walls with a natural rock. In the interior, the most common use is marble, sand and composites from different species.

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