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Design Of The Bathroom Stove

образцы кафельной плитки для ваннойThe variants for the separation of walls and floors in sanitary spaces, with the most advanced technologies, are not as small as possible, but the bathroom stove is still one of the most relevant materials for surface processing in the bathrooms. You know, we haven't figured out a better replacement yet.

Apart from the excellent technical characteristics, the cafeteria has its own aesthetic, it is also very easy to remove various pollution. Even a mold and a mushroom, a beach of any unprotected surfaces, can't be fixed on a smooth bathroom café. Besides, we can't worry that the play will cover the café from the inside.дизайн кафельной плитки в ванной The special glue of good quality, which is attached to the walls, has anti-grab and anti-bacteristic components.

Tub room café nuances

You can't say that the café is for bathroom only in the spaces where the sanitary appliances are located. She's usually on the kitchens, she's separating corridors, even the originals, laying the street café (or mosaic) floor in the living room.

But it's from the bathroom that you can make a real work of art.коллекции кафельной плитки для ванной No, not like a museum to love and not breathe, but to make comfort and comfort through conventional, seemingly burnt clay stoves (including quartz sand and other components).

By designing walls and floors, the following points should be taken into account:

  • The wall casket may be more delicate than the floor, but not the other way around.
  • It is not categorically recommended that the walls be laid on the floor and that the walls be painted with the same tile, that's a tasteless one!
  • The caffelic on the floor should be particularly strong and not slippery is the basic condition, otherwise it can be easily traumatized in a flat place.
  • In order to harmonize the common premises, the size of the cafeteria in the bathroom room, as well as its colour gamma, must be combined without causing a whale or infinity.
  • To ensure the completeness of the painting and the integrity of the design, it is simply necessary to consider the location of additional decorations and mirrors.

It should be borne in mind that the use of the bathroom stove for bright flowers will reflect the extravagantness of the owner of the apartment. The light and discreet tone will, on the contrary, be calm.

Dealing is, of course, very conditional, but still, the design of premises often reflects the inner world of the occupant of the apartment.

For example, the bathroom stove, which is presented below, was clearly chosen by a man with impulsive character.

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