Дизайн маленькой ванной

Disein Of A Small Bathroom

небольшая ванная комната дизайн
  • The classic design of the bathroom 6 square metres implies the use of natural materials: granite and marble. Quality simulations, such as silk silk silk silk silk silk resistant voyages or marble artificially permitted.
  • The edges and plumbers must be a smooth round and simulate gold or bronze.
  • Domestic equipment must be built or hidden under decoration panels.
  • The classic raisin is a separate bath of laps, as well as a pit of lights or lightwear, which is, however, not a mandatory element.
  1. East or Arab style
    Extreme and bright, this style fits extravagant and energetic people. интерьер небольшой ванной комнаты
  • The preference is given to warm and saturated colours: red, yellow, gold, and bright, brown and blue.
  • The walls in the bathroom of the east style differ from the use of mosaics or a small size of the stove. Classic stoves, with eternal motives or colour ornament, will also be appropriate.
  • The lights shall be selected with coloured glass boxes adjusted in bright light.
  1. Japanese style
    It's very simple and concise, it's not accepted for a combined sanitary. The shower cab is also not available in the Japanese bathroom. дизайн стен в ванной

    The design of the Japanese bath room is incorrectly possible through the following techniques:

  • The floor rises up to the level of the edges of the bath, which creates the illusion of the immersion;
  • Natural material shall be used for secession: stone, pellets, rice paper;
  • Colours are collected: white, refugee, terracotty, coffee or yellow;
  • zincs or bamboo carpets are used on the floor;
  • There will be no extra accessories in Japanese style.
  1. Madern
    If there's a standard bathroom in your apartment, the modern design will fit into it as much as possible.

    It's the most modern and easy way to build a style:

  • All surfaces and furniture contain straight lines;
  • plumbing as functional and without redundancy;
  • Mixtures and cranes are collected by light tones made of nickel or steel;
  • The presence of domestic appliances is welcomed.


дизайн небольшой ванной комнатыAfter you've identified your style, it's necessary to select an accent or your bathroom's focus. The interior of a small bathroom doesn't need a accumulation of decorative little things that make it a mess.

So it's better to focus on choosing one element. If it's a comedian or a beautiful lighter, a big mirror or a penny, it's up to you.

But if this detail is unusual, bright or large, the extra accessories will be superfluous.

создать дизайн ванной комнаты дизайн ванной с угловой ванной
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