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2014 Photos Of The Bedroom

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Sleep is a place in a house where strangers don't often look. Here, the masters drop out the cargo of day care and receive a new charge for the next day. That's why the design is spalen (photo) has to be calming, breathing alone, and build a memorable palm.

Connecting the premises

The inhabitants of small apartments have to combine the bedroom with another room, the living room or the office. And there's no space here. The interior of the bedroom should be considered very carefully. I mean, you don't want a sense of discomfort from the fact that visitors are always assessing your spousal.

By designing the living room bedroom, put the bed down by the window. See that this place shouldn't be passive. The space can be broken by light semi-transparents. The furniture wall that burns the bed from the outside world also looks good. Decoration curtains or vials can be used for the same purpose.

In the kingdom of dreams

Creating a bedroom design with your hands is real. The point is to get creative. The appropriate interrier style will have to be selected, given the height of the ceiling, the size of the windows and the location of the doors. It is important to consider the size and location of the furniture first.

Modern bedroom design gives a lot of opportunities, both for separating the premises and for selecting furniture structures. It's good to look at the lengthy or multi-level ceiling from the hipschoarton. The traditional chandelier can be forgotten. An intimate atmosphere shall be created by the ceiling lighting or by the installation of lights in the lower.

Colour cannes are missing. Don't override with the bright details. In time, they can act irritantly on you. For the walls to be scattered, the walls will be the walls, the digital boards, the test panels. Of course, it's better to use clean materials.

And it doesn't matter what the challenge is to develop. design of a small bedroom or big. Modern style is easily added to any volume. It's not like working to create a classic interior style. It fits for the perfect uniforms of the room. Put a massive wooden bed in the room with sharp boxes and a carton. On the walls, hang the artistic poles, and on the ceiling, the plum. There's a park on the floor or a high-quality laminate.

To decorate the walls, use one-ton warm light tones with olive, blue, cream shade. The tone of the rims has to click with the furniture lipstick, the curtains and the bedside.

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