Дизайн комнаты в стиле хай-тек

Hai-Tex Bedrooms

спальня в стиле провансHOCU.ua's gonna tell you about the modern idea of a bedroom design, give advice on the situation, and help you figure out the style.

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The wall of the wire will be more suitable for purely women ' s bedrooms, as men may not be very comfortable among the flower ornaments, the backs and the ferment. The colours are chosen mainly by the dangerous, non-broken, natural. The shades of blue, green, pink, siren, orange, yellow, white, that's exactly what's gonna fit for the bedroom. You can use both the walls and the paint, the wall decoration thing. You can identify areas using different wall processing techniques.

Furniture, pick wooden.классический стиль спальни In order to focus on the provans style, give preference to artificially old furniture, and put on the bed a lemon from light natural tissue. You can accommodate a variety of classic furniture in the bedroom: a cannet, a toilet table, wooden or battling chairs, butterfly.

The viewing in the bedroom style must be traditional: a corned chandelier, bruises, romantic beans with flowerbags. The curtains are light and do not prevent the entry of natural lighting.

A strong solution for the country-based bedroom will be a metal bed, which, together with wooden furniture, will look truly colloquial, to place a village ball. Don't forget the accessories and the decor. The carpets, pictures of nature, family photos, wall clocks, circumferential steaks, napkins and cover-- all this will create an atmosphere of romanticity. And don't forget the living plants, they have to become a mandatory attribution of the stylish.

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