Внутренний дизайн частного

Internal Design Of Home From Cylindrovan Brawn

The thought of family landing arises in the head of every man who has been held. But for a little while, because the technological realm doesn't fit with the notions of the verbal nest. The compromise option is offered by the designer of Svetlan Bascowa: the home in a noble Russian style is an interrier, relevant in the nineteenth and twenty-first century.

In the photo:

The big houses from the cylindrovan wrestling are so tight to shape the Russian old. Svetlana Bascowa has chosen as a nobility, a cozy and fundamental.

Subject information: Private house in Podmoskovje.

Owners: successful businessman and his family

Client wishes: Russian ancestral landing.

A successful entrepreneur is built in Podmoskovje, the " Quarter nest " : with a big house, overcrowded structures, a birdie, a cow, a garden, and even a watch tower. The task of the designer of Svetlana Basque was to create an interior for the main house from an cylindrovan wreath that would reflect the ideology of the famine, but did not look too archaic. Although the draft gathers details and ideas from all over the world, it does not stop being Russian in spirit and intent. There's no archaic decor, wings and pilgrims, but there's historical quotations like a sorcerer that look relevant and natural.

On the first floor, there's a mere kitchen bed. The two-floor space is a provonce style, the French-language meble is quite appropriate against the back of the barren walls. The walls themselves home from cylindrovan brung It's French.

The working zone of the kitchen is in the bottom. Two small windows bring additional light in here, because they don't look like a corn. The cafeteria area is represented by a simple table and buffet. All the furniture of the kitchen and the dining room is painted in physico-colour-- its combination with the pudrov (sten) fits into the probe. The dark parked floor is equating with air color gamma and concentrating on the interior of strength.

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