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Private House Dining Room

In the photo:

Plan of room to house the living room, the dining room and the kitchen.

Question of reader

We're building a house. The draft model, the foundation is ready. I really want our little house to be comfortable and comfortable. We decided to combine the kitchen and the living room. We've got two little kids who need to watch all the time, it would be very convenient if I could do homework and look after them. I would like to highlight three areas: for cooking, a large-table dining room and a recreational area (television, manoeuvre). I wish the room was comfortable. I'm thinking about a bar or an island, but I don't know where to place them. And another difficult question is TV. The TV is rare when we cook or eat. Anyway, I want you to be able to use one TV that's gonna be seen everywhere. Since the walls are not yet started, the windows can be moved and the doors can be slightly moved.

Help me, please, counsel. Thank you very much.

Thank you, Elena.

Designer's response

The directors of Alexander Ivanov and Natalia Panfilenkov proposed a small reschedule. First, connect the rooms, sleep the partition between them. Second, expand the windows because the windows of a mile wide look like ambrazora. Finally adjust the doors, their size and location. The doors are better placed in sliding: they will be " in the wall pockets without endangering space.

The private house is inconceivable without homework. In the countryside, it's a fireplace. The directors made it the centre of the premises and offered two options for the interior.

Diesin Project modern internship

The modern interior of the house. The top accent is the fire-crossing. The partition of the designers was made to the ceiling and the fire was chosen with a built-in top (Jotul). The dining area has a sliding table (with its dimensions 1, 8 x 17 m).

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