Private House Landscape Design

Зона отдыха у задней стены домаIt's much more difficult to fix a private house than a city apartment. This is due to the existence of a landing area, which requires the continued care of the caretaker. What else? Because when we're in the house or the countryside, we spend most of our time in the yard, not in the room.

Nice yard. Private - The dream of many masters. But not everyone can afford to hire landscape designers that could develop a suitable design project. So what? Let's try to do this on our own, moving through several stages to build a comfortable and beautiful home space.

For starters, you should think of the functionality you expect from the yard.Живая изгородь из дерена Do you want to cultivate the flower cloams here, to rest in the shell or maybe to fish in an artificial pond? For all these activities, a space should be allocated, i.e., to the functional areas.

Think of the areas you need (e.g., a children ' s space, if you have children) which are desirable and which are easy to abandon. If the court is small, the best solution will be to combine some areas. For example, put in the law warehouse chairs that are easy to remove and turn the rest area into... a golf field.

For visual distinction, the best use of greening is possible. In this case, garden boundaries will be living gardens, dense bushes, high-grown multi-year plants.

The ground-breaker stacket can surround the rest area or the football site. Don't overload the fence. It should look " air " not dominated in the garden.

As a natural supplement to such a fence, the carcase or pergola over a track leading to a functional area is often used. Particularly decorational, such designs, dried with plumbing roses, clamtis, mortgages and other beautiful leans.

Тенистый уголок в красивом саду Как красиво оформить двор в восточном стиле Площадка, мощеная гранитными плитами Дорожка из круглых спилов
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