Технический Дизайн-Проект

Diesin Apartment Renovation Project

A medium-sized statistical person is not known to exist. That's why the interior design project can't be. The individual or even unique design of the apartment and the house, as defined by the definitions, is operated by Vira-ArtStra, and it is not just words.

Only by developing a DISIN-PROECT can the client ' s wishes and designer ' s proposals be realized:

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  • Measured diagram of space with engineering connections.
  • Final version of the planning decision. The process develops a number of options for planning decisions before the adoption of the outcome.
  • Furniture plan (size).
  • Preliminary floor plan describing the coating material.
  • Volume plan (without cuts and size indications).
  • Plan for the accommodation of plumbing equipment (without reference).
  • Escalations of the main premises in the perspective of the ArchiCad programme.
  • Consultations on furniture selection, sanitary equipment, sanitary materials for the implementation of developed materials interior design
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