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Office Renovation Projects

There are customers who want to work and run the crew.

How does it usually happen? A brigade is hired. The Brigade sits in the apartment, and the customer runs through markets, takes the material, negotiates with the authorities, communicates with engineers, makes probably unskilled decisions... He performs all functions other than the rough labour force. At this rate, it is possible to forget the free time and the basic work of the entire construction period. Just relax, and there'll be cats you'll be told you'll do.

What must be checked on the objective recommendation for the customer:

1. The walls (to be flat-- to check for themselves).

2. I want you to set up the stacks and check them on your own.

3. Trails (laying technology, surface and thickness depending on materials).

4. Choose all the plumbing, provide installation schemes (which can be found online, but they're not always correct). Take care of the mortgages so that the builders do not stand in the middle of repair and wait for the necessary details (usually transporting from Europe takes 3 months).

5. Check the ceilings before the installation, make sure that the electricity and air conditioning are delivered qualitatively and do not cause malfunctions.

6. I recommend checking and controlling the connections: call, agree, discuss in advance all they want to do, agree on their work over time. Remember, the neighbors aren't interested in the whole project. They need to do their job. And they can be understood. It's not their job. The place is either a customer or a hired specialist.

7. Look at the installation charts - they don't always match. The mistake is to let the workers go when all the work is done. Something might not come up. Council: Always leave 1-2 people from the brigade to refine.

8. Plit and other materials. When the stove comes, you have to open all the boxes. It's got to be one party. Fight or trim is two of the most important issues. If something doesn't fit, we'll have to get the materials back. Truck in the car, send, sign a new one, take it back to the apartment. At least one person has to do it.

9. Check the electrical, the whole wire in the apartment can be replaced and the entrance will remain old. The corridor relay shall also be designed for a new load.

10. When major repairs are ready, all instruments and engineering under maximum load and pressure should be started. And leave it for two weeks. If everything works, it'll last a long time.

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