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Quottege Projects

(1) Plan to measure the premises and, if possible, dismantle the partitions. The Disiner travels to the site and monitors the premises, prepares a plan with actual size prior to the renovation work. Partitions undergoing demolition are coloured and hairdressed.
(2) The construction wall plan, on the basis of which all the subsequent drawings are carried out, and the premises as a result of the alteration shall be approved by the customer. The plan details the size of the walls, perimeters and space of each room.
(3) The plan for the accommodation of plumbing and furniture is intended and refined after the selection of furniture and equipment.
(4) The pink plan is a document showing the main electrical connections to the surfaces of the premises. Furnitures are displayed on the pink plan for the customer ' s convenience.
(5) The warm floor plan - the plan contains an indication of the area and configuration of the sexes with electrical heating. It is important to remember that in the cottage the floors are heated with water pipes rather than electric cables.
(6) The floor plan shall specify the types of coatings and detail the type of coating, the beginning of the layout, the height of the podiums, the lines of the junction, the cut of the floor.
(7) The plan of the lighters and ceilings shows the location of the suspension or tension ceilings, their configuration and altitude, in addition to the plan, indicates the location of the lighting devices with the symbol of precise connections and a complete list of the types of lighting.
8) The lighting management plan reflects the functions of each switch. This detail is particularly important for the renovation of premises equipped with lighting at several levels.
9) The construction of the walls with the stove and the details of the area and size shall be shown in the drawings of this type by all the details, from the decorative partitions, the threads and the lighting to the furniture plan along the walls. Sanuslov's plans reflect the connections of the sanitary equipment, and the design of the stove of the kitchen to the electrical installation.
(10) The statement of separation of premises reflects the specification of equipment and separate materials throughout the facility. Includes a statement of electrical fittings (number of names and number of switches and pinks); wall materials (waves, paints, decoratives, stones or ceramic stoves); floor coatings, sanitary equipment, inter-room and access doors, kitchen furniture, most casing, soft and fixed furniture. Technical maps of equipment provided are attached to the statement of separation. ♪ ♪

A three-dimensional visualization of the photographic quality of the proposed solutions (focus on the gallery of our work) or explaining axonometric sketches, depending on the decision of the customer.

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