Гостиная в классическом стиле

Classic Guest

Как правильно выбрать мебель для гостиной в классическом стиле?Before choosing furniture, the special features of the interior in classical style should be examined. The classics have the following characteristics: accuracy, symmetry and luxury.

Main features classical style for the living room

The living room is a room where all residents spend time at home. The guest room interface is in classical style if the space is simplic and has the right shape. A bright colour gamma and an ash will fit the room.мебель из дорогой древесины и камин You can also use the blade. Textiles, furniture from expensive wood and firewood are present. The use of mirrors in the interior is recommended.

The following features of the classical style are distinguished:

  1. Use of focal points. They are the main objects around which the composite is constructed.В гостиной используются кресла, диван, комод, стенка и журнальные столики It could be a fire or something. Classical couch
  2. Direct lines and proper geometry.
  3. Use of several lighting sources in the interface.
  4. Only natural materials are used for separation.
  5. The color palette consists mainly of warm shades: sand, olive, terracot and peaches. Never use a game of contrast.
  6. Acquisition of antiques.Преимущество светлой мебели It's a very expensive design, but it's no use of impracticability.
  7. The windows are decorated not only by transparent gardin, but also by dense stylish ports.

The use of different shades has produced unusual optical effects. When the light ceiling and the dark floor are combined, the living room will be visually higher. The use of light tones in the walls widens the space.

Furniture in classical interior?

The following parameters are taken into account when selecting furniture in the classical living room:

  • Functionality of furniture;
  • room area;
  • Harmony combination of classic furniture and rims;
  • The color gamma of the interior.
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