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Classical Lounge

How do you create a classic intern in modern housing? The project presented is excellent proof that the classic can be added to our concrete dwellings. It's important to avoid impossibility by favouring a moderate intelligent stylist.

In the photo:

The sharpened screaming on the walls, the furnaces and the fine lights revive the interior of the bedroom and make it complete.

Details of the apartment: A 3-room apartment of 165 square metres in the Kutuzov Rivière.

Owners: A couple with a kid.

Client wishes: It's a cozy interior that's done in classical style.

Plan 3-room apartment.

Despite the whole time of the façade of the house in which the apartment is located, the design of the interior of the three-room apartment at the CC " Kutuzov Rivière " has been done in a classical way. Contained forms, noble tone and exquisiteness in each detail, this formula was the basis for design and design, and has been successfully translated into the space presented. Privacy design planning The interior of the three-room apartment of the designer Maria Kashmir did not economize in the square - all rooms are simplic, so the classic forms in the interface look organic and delicious. Combination of expensive material, exquisite decoration elements and manual work furniture of the premium-grade class all create a climate of moderate luxury and profitability. And the design of the interior of a three-room apartment with a photo is the best proof. Each room in the apartment has its " face " : a moderate intelligence in the living room, a fun rioting in the children ' s and the kingdom in the parent bedroom, with all the premises being treated as a single ensemble.

The colouring of the floor, wall panels and the scattering of the ceiling at the base of the chanter is an unifying element of this interrier.

The light furniture and the one-ton textile in the child keep the sandtrot of the walls quiet.

Panoramic windows not only fill the space of natural light, but also emphasize its simplicity and ease.

Classic interiors are generally in the warm golden brown tone. The bright accents are the insulated rubber on furniture and crystal lights with the simulated underwear.

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