Modern Style

13The lodger is modern. Modern style in the intersection of living space has its characteristics. The twenty-first century apartment should be not only convenient and cozy, but also functional, one-size-fits-all, responsive to modern trends and rhythms.


Elegant simplicity

Modern interior is a simple and minimal decor. This has to do with one of the leading currents. Only the most necessary furniture, simple separation and well-designed, unloading the picture as a whole, decor. These rules have been most successful in the context of modern housing, which is not spoiled by large areas. A spark and abundance of air is what makes any smallest room more visual.

The separation of walls in the modern interrier is most commonly single-ton, with no other sights and sandtrotes. It can therefore be the perfect background for paintings and other works of art. There is no place in the modern interior in the Alapovatex axessamaras and small-scale indifferences, all decoration items are collected in colour and form, maintaining the general orientation of the apartment or room.

1Council! Before the renovation begins, the general and the interior style should be defined. Furniture and accessories can be picked up. Keep your choice on functional and qualitative things that will last long.

Choice of colour gamma

A wide variety of colours may be present in the modern interface. The basic rule is that colour gamma must include not more than 2-3 colours, ideally combined, of which one is the main. The main favorite of all modern interns is white. It is used in all styles and is a great background for any ideas. Greetings are natural: brown, refugee, dairy, gray, even black.

Passive shades may be added: blue, pink, powdery, light yellow, blue. The bright accents are biruze, phoxia, orange.

Oh.The new colour must be calm and not annoying eyes. The calm interns are more popular and have not lost their relevance for many years.

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