Sleep In Modern Style

Small-sized bedroom interrier

The most cozy bedroom is MALENICA. There's no room for loud noises and fuss. It's not as difficult to create a comfort space for sleep and rest as it seems.

The problem of small bedrooms is not only the residents of the apartments with a model plan. They suffer equally from Moscow and from London and New Yorkers. World-famous Western designers came up with hundreds of bedroom designs rather than one or two.

Choose the interior for the bedroom.

Дизайн спальни - фото 1Small rooms like they're meant to be in a village style. Of course, no one asks to put a bark in the corner and read in the ray like it was in Russian villages. But nice simple objects of natural material and a home-made can turn the bedroom into the most cozy place on the planet.

For the categorical opponents of the village, any manifestations of the village will include the HAI-TEC style or the CLASSICA.

Regrettably, the 10 square metres of bedroom project in the modular directions of the loft or shale will not be implemented - they are organic and naturally only in the forming of large spaces. But certain elements and objects in these styles can be inadvertently incorporated into any interrier.

Specialities bedroom design style
Встроенный шкаф - решение для маленькой спальниSteelCharacteristic features
MadernPractice, comfort, combination of different styles
ClassicTextile, big bed with headlines, complex shapes and disgrace, luxury and wealth, unity of composion
ProvansPaint tones, natural materials, colour motives, dyes
Japanese styleWhite, red, black plus neutral tones, unity of style and philosophy, only natural materials, nothing red
MinimumismInternational Japan. Paint tone and a few accents, simple shapes, functionality
Дизайн маленькой спальни - вариант проекта Дизайн мужской спальни Дизайн небольшой спальной комнаты Дизайн спальни с балконом
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