Идея для маленькой ванной

A Little Bath Idea

маленькая ванная комната отделка

    A small apartment is a problem that many of us don't know. Traditionally, it is supplemented by a very small bathroom, and it wants to accommodate all necessary plumbing, household chemistry, personal hygiene items, and a few more pieces and a washing machine. Looking at the photos of simplic bath interiors, it's really desperate, but it's not the best option. Knowing a few secrets, you can put your miniature bath so that the walls can move it a little bit, the space to increase, it'll become a style and functional. And if you still think it can't be done, the councils collected below will help you make sure you don't.

    No. 1. Attention.

    The best friend of all the small spaces is bright. In a bath where there is no natural lighting, it is better not to experiment with dark and saturated shades, but to stop on the bladder of light soft shades. The walls are better to steal white, light blue, light green, light blue, small-size blade.маленькая ванная комната зеркало 2 Okay, if the stove has a reflective properties, or it'll be a mirror stove at all, which will expand the space.

    As an alternative to a large mirror in the bathtub, mirrors can be placed in the wall instead of some parts of the stove: both materials can be saved slightly and interesting effects can be achieved. So you can put a big mirror on the wall, or put the mirror parts of the stove chaotic.

    In addition to the mirror surface, any glass, glacier, etc. has its own space expansion. That is why, if you need to create a sense of greater space in the bathroom, use the opaque sinks, the transparent glass doors for the shower, because they are not visible at first sight, how to dissolve in the bathroom interface and not threaten space with their massive ceramic view.

    The same properties are the glazing stoves, heavy glazing ceilings and other surfaces. It's important not to override the reflective surfaces and not to turn the bathroom into a padium into a mock room with dozens of mirrors. We need to find the golden middle, the state of harmony and not overload the room.

    No. 4. Leave the floor free.

    A lot of people are getting used to having toilets, bats and some other stuff in the bathroom. But there's been a lot of similar suspension models in stores. They're no worse than functionality, they're not much more expensive. Their main advantage is maximum compactivity, and when the floor remains free, the bathroom space seems to be much larger than using standard plumbing elements.

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