Дизайн маленькой ванной

A Small Area Bathroom

Оригинальный выбор цветаVacan rooms in apartment buildings built over the past century sometimes had a space of less than 4 square metres, and rooms with a square of not more than 2 5 square metres. Still, it was more of an exception. Currently, most apartments, from the so-called old housing stock, can be boasted with water procedures rooms of about 4 square metres. And as we all understand perfectly, this humble space needs to be placed not only by a bath or shower, but also by the Sanusla attributes, by toilets and sinks. It's a real challenge, with a good plumbing, you can leave space in the bathroom. Let us elaborate on how to place water and hygienic procedures attributes, remove the space and use axes to ensure not only comfortable accommodation but also visual expansion.

There are not many rules for low size bathrooms that help visually expand space:

  • Use of light tones in the sewer;
  • Application of the lighting system at several levels (one ceiling lamp will not be sufficient);
  • use of mirrors;
  • If the glass is used, it is better to choose the transparent options;
  • use of as many furniture as possible, only necessary storage systems.

But there are several constructive ways to use all the bathroom space provided to the maximum. For example, it is possible to establish a so-called console toilet that is " in the wall " . Such structures save some 20 to 30 cm of useful space, and as we understand, in a compact and incredibly functional bathroom, every centimeter on the account.

The literate use of niche for plumbing systems can also provide a small but storing space for toilet paper or cleaning and cleaning materials.

Sometimes to increase useful space small bathroomthe doorway must be rescheduled to free the entire wall under the installation of the bath.

Ванная на мансарде В белом цвете Теплые тона Прохладная палитра
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