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Design Of A Small Bathroom In A Cream

The constructions called " cheeks " represent a large proportion of the housing stock. Most often, the apartment requires a global redesign to accommodate all necessary elements. With regard to the bathroom, the situation is becoming critical, as there is a catastrophic lack of space. Sometimes you have to sacrifice some kind of plumbing. How can the bathroom be redesigned literate and how can it be located on several square metres? What's the design of the cartilage bath?

Ванная в хрущевке, совмещенная с туалетомSpecialities

Unfortunately, places for fantasy bath room Not so much. It is therefore necessary to carefully consider the location of each element of the premises in order to rationalize the available space.

The specificity of the interior is the maximum combination of functions in one element. There must be nothing unnecessary, just the most necessary.

The special features of the bathroom repair in the cartilage and the pooling of the bathroom and the toilet are watching the next video.

Ванная в хрущевкеThe best option is to combine the bathroom with the toilet. If it's possible to plan the apartment, you can also grab a part of the corridor.

Complexity of repairs

The brushing is uncomfortable with the original space planning. However, there is a catastrophic lack of space to accommodate all the necessary modern human beings. If the sled is separated, it's even worse.

That's why the best option would be to redesign the toilet and the bathroom. Although this will not solve the final problem of modest space, the manoeuvrability will increase slightly.

For example, the problem of lack of space is the additional cost of dismantling the wall partition.

Another problem is the uncomfortable communication. Most often the plumbing has to be located far from the main parks. In this regard, there is a need for further separation of pipes in order to maximize space.

You can try to hide communication in the walls, provided space remains. The walls could be erected, because the builders were not particularly worried about the surfaces being flat. Sometimes it's easier to reconstruct the wall than try to level what happened.

Ванная в хрущевке - шкафи полки Ванная в хрущевке в японском стиле Ванная в хрущевке в стиле хай-тек Ванная в хрущевке, совмещенная с туалетом

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