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Небольшая белая кухня с яркими геометрическими фигурами на полу и стенеMaking an interior of a small kitchen is a cozy and functional task that is not simple but addressed. Of course, any owner dreams of a big and simple kitchen, but such a luxury is not available to many. On the contrary, most kitchens in domestic multi-stage are very modest. However, it is not necessary to despair, because with the right approach and a small kitchen, you can be equipped with everything you need and make it a “single” of your apartment, where it will be pleasant not only to cook food, but also to gather all family or close friends.

At this time, the hosts are always ready to come with the most modern household equipment that greatly facilitates work in the kitchen. I think it's beautiful, but how do you put all this high-tech arsenal in a small room?

Маленькая кухня с голубым отливомFirst of all, before buying another bake or yogurt girl, you need her in principle?

We're buying a lot of electrical appliances that are fast-growing, forgetting about their existence, and they're standing in the kitchen and taking a lot of useful space.

Second, very multifunctional instruments are now being sold. Why would you buy a single collar and a meat cut if you could buy one kitchen companion with a lot of useful functions?

Don't forget that putting everything in a small kitchen is impossible. In addition to the technology, there is a need for space for the equipment of the working zone, as well as for the construction of a depleted coal.Интерьер Стильной маленькой кухни Despite everything, a good designer is capable of turning into a cozy nest, not even a large kitchen of four to five metres, even kitchens equipped with logia.

Most often, in a small room, the installation of the installation equipment. However, all nuances are taken into account by the manufacturers of kitchen appliances, and many different models are produced. By the way, such equipment can be installed even in the wall, which adds variability and releases the space needed.Большое количество бытовой техники на маленькой кухне The installation will be slightly less common to us, but there are a lot of pros, because a small family will have enough barrels for two or three cones or a small refrigerator. Small and light spiritual closets and microwaves are also produced specifically for small and small kitchens, which are mounted on the carnage above the working surface.

There are a few kinds of small kitchens, if you live in a standard house, you must have one of the following kitchen planning options. It depends on where the gas column, the doors and the windows are. The directors have developed general recommendations to make the best use of each type of kitchen.

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