Для освещения маленьких спален

Disein Of A Small Kitchen

In the photo:

A small kitchen scheme.

Question of reader

Good afternoon!
I'm looking at Western magazines, how beautiful they look in their photos of designing small kitchens. And when I'm starting to run these fascinating ideas in my five-metre kitchen, nothing happens. Please indicate how to place in the kitchen 5, 7 square metres (standard in a single room) all necessary for the lives of three adults, parents and children of 14 years. There's plenty of room for cooking, and we eat in the kitchen, too, there's no room for a separate desk in the room.
With respect, Alina, Perm

Designer's response

It is clear that, on 5 square metres, no steep, all necessary areas (working for cooking, lunch and storage) cannot be accommodated without any sacrifice. If you focus on designing a small kitchen on the prefabricated area, provide all necessary equipment, then the dining area will be tiny. By saving the working zone in favour of a large desk, small-scale equipment (warm panel for two configures or a small refrigerator) will have to be used.

Irina Fedotov proposed two options for designing a small kitchen. Every one of which has both pros and cons. The choice is for the reader.

1 option with furniture.

Unstandard design of a small kitchen. It has been obtained through transformed modules that, if desired, can lay down and save space and, if necessary, make it as convenient for you to use modules as tables or chairs.

Less of this option: a small barrel, 30 cm wide, 2 conforations.

Plus is a lot bigger. Modules of different sizes allow for the conversion of the depleted area: one person can be built for the entire family. These modules can be used in the living room like coffee tables.

Furniture from the home collection, the shelves, the taburets, the consoles, could fit into the kitchen interior. In our collection, you will find the objects of the environment that will help to re-enact the designer's design.

The table next to the window is both a working surface and a bar stand at 90 cm high. The height of the second table is 75 cm, width 40 cm. The bar chair height is 60 cm.

The main thing in this design is the solutions: the modules are easily built one into another, saving the place.

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