Дизайн кухни с нишей

Disein Of A Small Kitchen In A Lounge House

dizain-kuchni-9kv-m-v-panelnom-dome1Diesin kitchens in a panel house are subject to strict standard size and are linked to the existing divorce of communications. However, every apartment is a wide field for creativity. Especially when it comes to 9 square metres.

In this area, it is possible to accommodate comfortable and working and depleted areas. In doing so, each is free to determine which one of them has to choose. In some cases, it is possible to turn the kitchen into a small studio where an additional bedroom can be envisaged in case of unexpected guests.


9m2 is a simplic kitchen that can comfortably accommodate a sufficient garment. The owner can afford high cabinets with built-in equipment, just a table.

dizain-kuchni-9kv-m-v-panelnom-dome3It is important to remember the rule of a working triangle whose peaks (frigerator, flank and stove) must be located so that the owner can reach them easily. Typically, the washing is placed in the centre, and the rest of the instruments are placed side by side. There are always exceptions, however.

G-garments and kitchen islands are not appropriate in this area. Places aren't so much to be comfortable.

Table area

Depending on proportions, the dining area may occupy a larger or smaller part of the space. She can take a bar stand or a soft corner.

dizain-kuchni-9kv-m-v-panelnom-dome4In any case, 9 square metres allowed for the requests of the owner and her family.

It is worth noting that, in the acquisition of kitchen couches, models that accommodate a spare bedroom can be selected. It's very convenient when it's necessary to give a night to an unexpected guest.

If there's enough space, we'll get soft corners. If there is no free centimetres, you can disguise the usual place.


It is possible to increase the space at large by means of non-cheek ways.

Skinai♪ Deep dark saturated tone, combined with the glanc, will yield depth effects. The bright vice versa will facilitate the general perception of the garrith. The picture with images containing the prospective images allows the real boundaries of the kitchen to be washed.

Cafel♪ The variety of stoves allows for any interior. The kitchen's fine, always clean, and the next repair can only be done in 15 to 20. Because of the desire to update the interior.

dizain-kuchni-9kv-m-v-panelnom-dome6 dizain-kuchni-9kv-m-v-panelnom-dome5 диван со спальным местом dizain-kuchni-9kv-m-v-panelnom-dome8
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