Kitchen Photos Of Angular Little Design

small-kitchen-corner-05It's not easy to find design for a small kitchen, because there are some limitations that should be taken into account: planning, flat style, preference for the owners of the apartment. Coal garments, which can be of different colours, sizes, styles, etc., are one of the most popular uses of small space.

The following are interesting photos of the corners of the small-scale kitchens that will help determine your taste and push some ideas.

1. The white kitchen is minimism. Mod design and well-founded accessories are traced to the interior of this kitchen.

2. Steel Modern has gained enormous popularity in recent years.Дизайн кухни на 9 кв м в стиле хай тек People want to use their powers in the interior of their apartment and that's great. And some trust these professionals. An example of a bright and sinful solution is presented here: salad + white. 3. Country is a village style with notes of greatness. The red fits perfectly for this.

4. Wooden Poles + white glacier is a unique solution for modern people. Great additions are sharp watches and soft tulips.

small-kitchen-corner-04 5. Simple kitchen, no special excess, where the methal refrigerator and light Roman curtains were great.

6. A white shiny kitchen can push interesting ideas and inspiration. Plus the exclusive elements of the decor.

7. Ultimate version of the kitchen with a refugee garment, a compact location, optimum use of the kitchen duck.

8. The kitchen of cocoa color always stays in the trend. There are also elements of home coves: a ham, a vase, a kettle.

small-kitchen-corner-03 кухня 7 кв м дизайн small-kitchen-corner-07 small-kitchen-corner-06
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