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The Idea Of A Little Kitchen Photo

4Council! PIf you choose from products offered by producers, you will consider another option. Determine what you need, consider all the details and features, and then use the furniture for the order. Such a kitchen garment would be perfectly suited to the size of your kitchen, meet all the requirements for organizing the cooking process and fit into the overall design of the room.

Determining location

Before you buy a kitchen garments, you have to figure out where it will be. To identify the best place and create a balanced one, answer a few questions:

  • Will the kitchen play an additional role?
  • What form of space is square or longitudinal?
  • Where are they located and how many?

Separate kitchen♪ If function

7Multifunctional kitchen♪ For the design of a square kitchen, where there's also a working form, furniture is best placed in the letter G. Coal garments are considered to be the most compact for space of a variety of uses. In the long and narrow kitchens, the tables are used instead. For such a kitchen, a linear positioning of the garrithur will be appropriate along one.

Windows♪ In the square kitchen, usually one window under which either the dining table or the working surface is located.19 Consider that in the last case you lose one piece of hinged cabinet. There could be two or three windows in a long kitchen. In planning, don't make any mistakes or close one of them or another high element. It's better not be placed in front of the window, because there's a lot of cushion on it, and the stove has to be a drawer on it.

Specialities Furniture for a small kitchen

Furnishing depends on your choice. But it's best to give a preference to the bright side, dark furniture will visually threaten a small room. Remove the futuristic features of closets and incorrect shape, rounded and swelled parts, massive and voluminous decorative elements.

Council! Stop at the laconic design, strict forms and minimum decorations stealing precious space.

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