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A simple apartment with a large living room can remain a dream, but in reality, the survivor remains most likely to be relatively modest in size with a small living room. How do you even make a little room? The Diseners offer hundreds of accessible options to the interior of a small living room, which can be not only a style, but also a comfortable home. In keeping with the uncomplicated councils in the planning of the premises, the selection of sequential materials and decorations, it is possible to make a stylish and a small living room home.


Spread space in the living room.

The main rule for small space projects is the use of all available means for visual expansion. Since it is not possible to add additional square metres to the room, the rational and prudent use of the whole area will be the best solution.

  • The use of small furniture is an accessible means of expanding space: by creating a relative contrast, it is possible for the brain to take a room compared to furniture as more.
  • The doors and doors will be " stealing " space, so the designers recommend that they be abandoned and replaced with the lightest and aeroplanes.
  • Aubile in narrow walls will make the room deeper. For the same purpose, a lengthy glazing ceiling is also used, which is like pulling a room up high.
  • The small living room looks simple if there's a lot of light in it, so the windows need to be large and bright: the tight curtains are prohibited, and the designer's boards also need to use light tiles and nights.

Another popular way of expanding a small living room is the redesign, which is most commonly connected. Such a way for many apartments is an ideal solution, and the use of a common style allows two separate corners of the apartment to be single.

Idea! In addition, through a joint kitchen design, the living room also serves the cafeteria function: a round table for family dinners will be set up without difficulty.

Minor living room: colour specification

Little living room is a bright living room. This assertion is fair and applies not only to a small one, but also to any space that is not large. Using light shades, if possible one-ton, a sense of deep space can be created.

The insulaters do not recommend the use of more than five different colours for small living rooms.

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