Идеальный дизайн маленькой

Design For A Small Guest Photograph

The house without the living room looks orphaned and uncomfortable, so we're trying to make this room even in very limited areas. It's often not easy to do that. A limited space is a real challenge to the owners of the apartments, because the interior of a small living room must give the impression of spark, cozy and give the guests and housewives the wish to spend as much time in the room as possible.

The best decision to get a luxury living room is to remove the sheets and extend the area to the kitchen or other adjacent room. But, alas, it is not always possible to use a purely physical method. What should we do? First of all, to try to add the amount of the living room at the visual level.contemporary-living-room (6) There are special receptions.

Professional designers have their secrets to turn even the smallest room into a sufficiently large space. Knowing them, you'll be much easier to deal with. The main and most effective moment in this mystery is the use of light tones in the intersection. Remember that a little pet or wall-to-wall glue is guaranteed to make space bigger.home-office Avoid large, bright, even incredibly beautiful drawings on the sewerage. It's natural to squeeze space by moving the walls. There are still a number of nuances that should be considered in greater detail.

The main points of work on the laying of mines are:

  1. Choice of colour;
  2. choice of lighting;
  3. choice of furniture;
  4. Choose accessories.

"Take mirrors to the ceiling. It's not only gonna take the last one, but it'll add. a small intern absorption. "

The fact that light tones should be the main background in a small living room, we have already spoken, but that the space cannot be too “extraditional”, it is recommended that they be dilated with a salmon. Psychologists claim that the right selection of the palitres has a positive effect on the mood, self-awareness and even the ability to stimulate work. But that doesn't mean the room has to be made with a sand. No more than five shades should be used when combining flowers.

shutterstock_5551837 contemporary-living-room (3) construction-of-small living-room-How-to-design-a small-living-room (12) contemporary-living-room (11)

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