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Design Kitchen In Wooden House

Разные породы древесины в одной кухнеIn many of the kitchen areas of the country ' s homelands, there is a presence of wooden panels not only, but also walls, the ceiling. The wooden balls produce ceilings, convoys, windows and doors. However, recent trends in the eco-disaster tend to leave wood in the natural colour palette. Thus the interior becomes closer to nature, to the warmth of the environment.

Деревянный интерьерVillage sewer can look modern. Like this light. Classical kitchen With country components, it looks clean and fresh, thanks to the lightwood of wood that includes walls, floors and white kitchen ensemble from storage systems and open layers.

In this kitchen, wooden panels from lightwood were used to paint walls, an effective dark laundry fits the tone to the tablets and the kitchen fair. The lower core of kitchen cabinet is produced from the same raw material as the kitchen. As a result, a modern internment has been made.

A wooden ceiling with balls, a wood coating, such a suburban kitchen, no surprise anyone. But in combination with kitchen cabinets and an island of the same material, the kitchen looks very small, and the nature of the country's life literally into every object of the interior.

In this country ' s kitchen, despite the active use of various types of wood, the spirit of modernity and modernism has been maintained.

The total separation of small-sized wooden panels created the perfect interior option for the country house. With the colouring of one of the walls in the colour of the young leaf, accent surface has been created and repeated in the seats of the bar tabourets, again wooden.

In this blond kitchen table with a minimalist design of the wall and wood floors bleached to the inconvenience of the material, the space is literally filled with light and freshness of the whites.

In this unusual kitchen, sufficiently interesting designs are not only the use of different woods for the removal of surfaces, the contrast ceiling and the extraction, but also the original application of the kitchen island as a cover.

The Russian motives in this eclectic kitchen, with the bright country elements, were shown, first and foremost, in the walls, the barbed pancake became a sewing space. The light-minded color of kitchen cabinets, deep blue glasses of window textile, original lighting system, all work to create an unordinarily interior of the country kitchen.

Темная древесина для кухни Светлая палитра кухни Контрастная отделка панелями Рыжеватая древесина

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