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Diesin Of Wooden House Interior Of Wooden Houses

Both the mirrors of the soul and the House are the expressions of the masters who reveal their habits, tastes, fascinations and hobby, and often the material and social situation in society.

In order to create the right, harmonious and functional environment in the home, specialists are needed. Our designers have been working in this field for years to, given all the customers' demands and wishes, create and implement unique ones. Village house interns

In the design of interns, it is important that creative thinking and customers ' wishes through professional designers be able to technicalize them in their lives.

The design of a wooden house and baths project is not only the development of a concept and a description of the basic idea of a future home, but also the careful development of all the details, ranging from colour gammas and types of materials used, the collection of furniture and plans for its placement, the selection of plumbing and the design of their installation, the selection and development of lighting plans.

Our designers will provide you with a few options for designing your house in 3D so that you can fully assess it and make adjustments before the project starts.

We'll be happy to design your home intern design, and we'll be able to put it into practice with our high-quality masters of the dignitaries, engineers and other professionals!

1. Eskis project:

- Measured drawing of engineering connections
- planning options
- sex plan with type of coatings
- Furniture plan
- ceiling plan
- Plumbing plan
3D visualization of premises

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