Шторы для кухни фото

Design Stor For The Kitchen Of The Photograph

Обстановку в кухне можно изменить практически до неузнаваемости, просто сменив шторыIn any apartment, the kitchen is the center of attraction for all family members. "What's good cooked up here?" "With all the time, someone from home and guests come to the house, they're the first thing to turn to the kitchen, 'cause they can and they can drink, and they're gonna stitch "life." Now look carefully at your kitchen situation, isn't it too much to get used to it, is it time to bring something new? Changing kitchen furniture and tech is a long, expensive and cotton case, and then stealing a kitchen window by hanging beautiful kitchen curtains, you're not gonna be hard. All you need to do is want to change the usual interior and our recommendations a little bit!

Шторы, ниспадающие легкими воздушными волнами, станут украшением любого окна

Someone might object to the fact that the white color for the kitchen is impractical. It's really hard to get sterile in the kitchen, isn't it? More importantly, the atmosphere is cozy and warmth in the house that your kitchen is meant to create! Look how beautiful white air curtains, reminding their wrists of delicious creams, can revive the kitchen and make it a bite!

If your kitchen isn't very big, it's the white tissue curtains that will visually expand it, and if there's a natural light in the kitchen, the white curtains will help make it light. Our advice is that in the small kitchen, try not to use the curtains with the backs, warehouses and drapes, their design, on the other hand, should be concise and simple, and beauty should be better created with original tissues and colour combinations.

?Для создания атмосферы домашнего уюта идеально подходят короткие шторы с бесчисленными складочками и оборочками This window is a good one for short kitchen curtains that can only close half the window, both top and bottom. By closing the top of the window of the arc type or elegant lumbar with the dial, you can solve a few problems - and steal the kitchen, and the access to daylight is not limited.

The owners of slurry kitchens can afford the curtains of complex configurations that allow for both multiple layers and skilled drapes, and a large size of the main pit. Installing the curtains on the side, attach them to the exquisite holders of the athletic tapes or shoes.

If you want to reinvigorate the interior with color nuances, your white curtains can be complemented by colored decorative elements that can be picked better under the overall kitchen style. Storms for this type of option need gentle, easy to fall into beautiful drapes so that the colored strip does not " bother them " .

Коротенькие легкие занавески подойдут к любому интерьеру Роскошь интерьера в стиле арт-деко подчеркивает композиция из классических гардин и ламбрекена Яркие красивые безделушки, вроде подхватов для кухонных занавесок, могут выполнять функцию акцентов в интерьере В этом элегантном интерьере белые нитяные шторы выполняют сразу несколько функций

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