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A Kitchen Of Design

Connected to the living room: design ideas

Interconnected living room with kitchen, principles of organization and zoning of space. The idea of a kitchen record. Disein-project of the kitchen of the living room with the conditional separation of space

Most of the standard apartment designs limit residents to design choices by providing tiny kitchens and small invisible rooms. Nevertheless, there is always a way out, and the redesign of apartments has long been the favorite interior designer. Today, we want to talk about the features of the combination of kitchens with the living room, as well as the advantages of such design.

Diseine kitchen, combined with the living room. Space.

Now, if you've decided to step away from the standard layout and make a good use of space, the combination of the kitchen and the living room will be the best solution for you. The redesign of inter-community partitions would increase the useful space of two spaces, expand space visually, enrich the ease and freedom interface.

In addition, merging the kitchen with the living room will solve the problem of the accommodation of equipment and furniture. For example, the dinner table, which usually occupies most of the kitchens, can now be the main host of the living room. Comfort lovers can match the cooking process with the favorite show on the plasma board in the living room. With guests, we don't have to move a mountain of dishes from one part of the apartment to another. All visitors can be easily accommodated at the table or on a cozy couch in the living room.

Dizine kitchenthe living room is different. Contingency-of-space applications with the separation of the work area and recreational areas are used. Remember that the decommissioning of the intercommunity partition will only increase the space visually. For small apartments, therefore, it is necessary to carefully consider the design, leaving only the necessary furniture, and concealing the excess kitchen attributes.

The kitchen plan. Basic principles.

In designing a kitchen-style design, several principles should be followed:
To ensure comfort and maintain the practicality of the premises, it is necessary to use kitchen and living room zoning. This can be done by using different separatist materials, colour decisions, light games or shadows. Also, the conditional separation may be achieved by mounting a podium, a bar, a width or other elements of the interior.

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