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Интерьер кухни-гостиной в квартире на ВойковскойToday, the kitchen design combines the traditional decoratorial decisions and the modern ideas of 2015, illustrating the images of the interiors created by the designers of Studio Olga Condratova. The absence of strict stylishing boundaries allows for the use of secularism, antiques, natural and artificial materials, street lighters, good furniture and the creation of unique interiors of kitchens where it is pleasant and comfortable to live.

1. Transfer of kitchens to the living room or corridor

In the photo: The transport of kitchens to the corridor increases the useful area of the apartment.

Дизайн интерьера светлой гостиной 2015Studio apartments are a very popular form of housing, because open planning allows all design ideas to be realized. So there's nothing to be surprised that the owners of many apartments choose to merge the living room and the kitchen. In order to minimize risks, a design project has been commissioned with all functional areas and a visualization of the future interior.

2. Carbon position

In the photo: Disein of a small kitchen Carbon panel

Дизайн современной кухни 20153. Columns are the separators of the kitchen area.

In the photo: Dizine of the kitchen table

The use of architectural elements such as columns for space purposes is one of the time-tested decorator applications. Even a major constructive element can be disguised under the column. And if the object is too big, there's a mirror fit that would make it completely undetectable.

4. Multi-level ceilings in the kitchen

Дизайн интерьера столовой: фото 2015In the photo: Disein is a non-class kitchen in cream-and-run tone

Multi-level ceilings with lighting and built-in lighting can not only visually increase the height of the space but also complicate space. And if you paint them with a blind decor and a classic chandelier, the kitchen will become a paraded living room.

5. Kitchen in the underneath

In the photo: Kitchen built in niche

The linear charniship of laconic design, which is located in the niche, will save useful space and improve the ergonomics of the apartment. And if there's nothing in the room, you can build it!

Дизайн кухни. Фото новинка 2015 Дизайн интерьера кухни 2015 Идеи современного дизайна: фото 2015 Фото интерьера кухни после ремонта
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