Скачать Дизайн кухни недорого

Disein Kitchen

недорогой ремонт маленькой кухни фотоIt doesn't mean mediocre, turning your kitchen into a candy can be worth a little money. It's not about budget anymore, it's about design ideas. Because in a small kitchen, many concepts cannot be realized. But that doesn't mean that little kitchens are doomed to the fiasco and make them beautiful. I'll say a small area, even vice versa, has its advantages and dignity. And price repairs to a small kitchen One of the most important and undeniable virtues. Let us also consider other small repairs with great advantages.

A minor repair doesn't mean a mediocre photo.

сделать ремонт на кухне недорогоThe word of repair can be interpreted differently. This may be a major repair, a cosmetical transfer, and a major alteration with wall destruction and an elite euro repair. Let's not go around which one of them choose for your little kitchen, but in any case, simple rules and low-cost moves will certainly benefit you in any of the options listed.

Classic triangle
It's a classic triangle in the kitchen to call a refrigerator, a stove and a sink present in any kitchen area. Since these three things are most commonly used in the kitchen, the rule of the triangle is to have them relative to each other. That's three points of his top.

This arrangement will allow you to move freely from one object to another, with a minimum number of movements. Other furniture and cooking appliances are located around these three locations. In any kitchen, there must be three distinct functional areas:

  • Food area
  • Product storage area
  • Point for washing, products and vegetable cleaning

With a clear distinction between these three zones, it would be easier for you to repair the kitchen, which means planning the stages of work.

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