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Disein Kitchen Of Foxy

цветовая гамма
Repair value:130,000 roubles.
The kitchen area:9 square metres
Ordered:Domébel, Volgodonsk
Garnitur:Coal kitchen with total length of work surface 2, 90 m (on the outside)
Installing domestic equipment:45,000 roubles.
Furniture:86,000 roubles.

We have a great one. House apartment with a pretty little kitchen. I wanted to have a nice, functional kitchen with a lunch zone for three people.

Anyway, we tried as we could. Check the results!

матовый цветBut it's all right.

Colour gamma: the main colors of the kitchen are black, white and fokes.

In the black color, we have linoleum, table and stone sink, as well as the color of the household, the barrel with the oven and the lighter with black mugs on the white background.

The bright and juicy flexia is the main color of the garnitura, and there is a decorative supply of purple rims with a flower ornament that separates the depleted area.

White: because white colour expands space, we have plenty. This is also the majority of the vinegars (white glazing vinegars), the bulk of the ceiling, the white and the glazing table, the glass white table, the refrigerator, the roller curtains.

In white, the top doors of the garnitary are also filled. The color of the mat, with the glowing color.

Colour motives continue to be rolled curtains.


By contrasting color combinations, the kitchen looks bright and bright.

Now, about the kitchen itself. They ordered it, on an individual size. What I would recommend is that particular attention be paid to:

  • The height of the working surface (which is slightly higher than the standard height, that is, we are both tall with our husband);
  • The breadth of the working surface, it must be wider by 10 or more than your barrel panel;
  • The top lockers shouldn't be too tall. (We have, because of the lack of space, lockers are pretty tall. Up to the top shelf, I'm hard to get on the chicks, or I'm getting on the chair, it's not very convenient. Although I think every owner will have things that can be stored on such a long shelf.)
  • If the means are limited, it is necessary to be smart to choose mechanisms and anchorages. Because when you come to the salon, there are samples of different lockers and devices that are very convenient for use, and you want everything. It is the quality of the fountain that costs more than anything, and the final sum may not please you. Only the most necessary mechanisms should be chosen. We've got this dish locker -- a dryer, a door drives itself from light-pression, and it's fixed in any comfortable position. And crates with clerks for the most commonly used items.
контраст цветов шторы на окнах рабочая поверхность шкафчики
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