Дизайн стен на кухне

Kitchen Walls Photo

How do you put the walls in the kitchen to transform the interior? It is not necessary to use expensive materials and accessories. Sometimes there's a few bright lines, and your kitchen will play with new paints.

Choose the material.

Obi. Frequently, it's just a background for furniture, sex and accessories. Make them the main jewel of your kitchen just use the boxes of contrasting colors. If the garrithur is monochromous, he'll be well revived with a bright graphic drawing. Experiment, and then the design of the kitchen walls will become a fascinating game. The most common way is the accent wall. We put one of the walls in the countervailing walls, and the other walls are as neutral as possible. There's no functional area that canteen in the kitchen or cooking area in the kitchen.

Photos. In a small kitchen, space can be expanded with panoramic landscapes. The view of the river, the elbows of the old city and other " quartins " visually widen the space and make a pleasant revival of the interrier. Beautiful and brominated photos require a neutral background, minimum furniture and accessories. The photos are zoning space, too.

In the photo:

Photobs and designer penny on a flusile basis with a voluminous image are visually expanding space.

Photopanels. Of the beautiful kitchen rims, you can make a peculiar and stylice over the work area. Here's two ideas for the kitchen: stick a sizeable piece of the vows on the wall above the working zone and seal the walls of the glazing glass. Either order a real photopark: it can be made from your own photos or selected photopanels from the manufacturer.

Photos: The rear face of glass shall be marked with ceramic ink.

A paint. If you get the right color gamma, it's not just an interesting one. design of walls in the kitchenand the real artwork. A completely white kitchen with white walls and white appliances provides a celebratory view of the kitchen, and it also extends the room visually.

Read also:

Another effective option is to paint the walls in two colors. Can we cover the front kitchen panels with colors different than pop-art?

An effective colour solution based on the contrast of two colours chosen for walls and frontal panels of the kitchen garrithur.

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