Оцилиндрованное бревно

Interns Of Houses From Cylindrovan Wrench

Houses of this material have been widely distributed due to their ecologicality and high construction and installation speed. Houses, which are indeed a symbol of the Russian language in the best traditions of the wooden house. You can see the construction of houses from the cylindrovan wrench recommended by Trev Grade.

Thanksgiving letter from the Restoration Company.

Thanksgiving letter from Sochi 2014

Letter of Honor from the Vladimir Administration

Wooden houses from cylindrovan wrench

Such houses are constructed from a specially treated winterly roam of 160 mm to 300 mm diameter, each being treated with specialized units. The shrimp is packed in a manner in the cup, and special pases are cut to ensure a safe fitting that will result in significant savings in the contour. First, two of the first veins are constructed of leaflets and treated with special antiseptics and are not subject to rotting, followed by conventional cylindrovanic bells that are correlated with wooden niggles that pass through the openings. Construction and construction of wood home from cylindrovan brungUnlike cuts, the pace of speeding up is that there is no need for significant labour, and the most important task after completion is to establish the interior space of the house that was built in the design.


First, it is designed on a computer, and then it is real. The great feature of the interior of houses from cylindrovan is that the natural beauty and natural nature of the brawn are visible, and the various tree denominations are already visible in the first processing. Such an interior will create a climate of comfort and comfort. The internal comfort and beauty of the house is reflected, and home design From the cylindrobed brawn, the outside beauty of the building is the face of its master.

Disein in the womb

The house can be built on the basis of famous artists in the form of an exquisite city modern, in the Chanet fashion style, classic Russian design, and modern Finnish style. Dise of the building Of the cylindrovan worm depends on which material it is performed, and we will consider some of them:

Дома из оцилиндрованного бревна, конкурентные преимущества
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