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Дизайн прихожей арт-декоThe Disein of the Privacy in a private house and apartment, as can be seen from the interior, is created by its laws. Almost all of this type of premises are marked by small markings and lack of natural lighting sources. Designers therefore have to devise various ways to increase visual space. This is the result of the predominance in the surrounding lights and the use of large mirrors. The problem with the lack of natural light is being addressed by designers using small windows in adjacent spaces, spindles and additional lighting devices (lights, bras, desk lamps).

Article 27 of the modern design ideas presented in this article are drawn from the 2015 picture. It's possible that these examples will help someone create a unique interior hall or reception in their home or apartment.

Дизайн белой прихожей с синими акцентамиContemporary ideas for the design of the hallways, presented in the 2015 photo, promote the use of refugee and white flowers in their various variations. These may be cream tones or shades of milk coffee. The love of designers to light colour gamma is driven by the desire to visually increase space, make it more light and light. Visible accents in the form of decorative elements may be used against the background of refugee and white. More cozy light interers do warm cinnamon shades and coffee.

Дизайн холла в кофейных тонах1. Blue accents in white

In the picture, Disein's a white parlor with a blue accent.

A blue accent in the form of a pair of beefs is used in the design of the apparel presented on the photo above. In combination with the green on the consoles of the mirror, this solution helps to create a green environment that harmonizes space. Blue and white are also referred to marine issues. Please note that doors with transparent glass boxes are used in this chapel. This helps to better light space.

2. Coffee shades with milk in the design of the palace.

In the photo: Disein, in his shades, coffee with milk

The shades of coffee with milk in the design of the front room, both in the private house and in the apartment, are very common. Such a gamma is fairly neutral, and it's good and comforting for a mental institution. Coffee shades with milk are particularly active in the halls that have been solved in the sky or art deco.

Дизайн прихожей в стиле модерн и арт-деко Дизайн современной прихожей Дизайн прихожей в дворцовом стиле Дзайн светлой прихожей
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