Сельский интерьер

Interpreter At Home With A View

The interior of the provana style is the spirit of simplicity and comfort. The Mediterranean Sea, France, Provans... These words are inextricably linked to the current provonic style. French provincial " Provans " style means " province " .

Provans is a region in southern France, which is marked by magnificent landscapes, kitchens using aromatic spices, unusually blue sea and bright sun. It is these elements that are based on the provocative style of the interior. It's like the sun's thrills, the colors with the colors of the bright shades create and raise the mood. So, what's the nature of the prowan style?

Distinguishing features of the interrier in style:

  • Passenger colours
  • Very light, non-weight curtains
  • Fabulous, light, often white furniture
  • Light fields
  • Lots of living flowers
  • Colours
  • Ryushki, richelier, sewing
  • Lots of porcelain, stones, tissues

Walls and floors
The walls in the Prevanese houses are most often covered by paint, much less paper walls. It is important that the space is sufficiently light, natural lighting is an important element of each space. Provens The house in Provansale is always filled with bright sunlight, which is tantamount to the gross protein of its walls and, at first glance, the old paints that burned out.

Proved furniture
Furniture in the interior is not only functional but also decorational. Mandatory old or old, necessarily crooked, furniture must have a species like it was faithful and the truth was not one generation. It's also chairs with stiff, but bowled legs, dairy shades and dish cabinets. Furnitures in the propane style will match the fronts of light tones from natural oak, kashtan, nuts.
Extreme fronts should look a little bit " subtle " . For veracity, the tree surface is artificially old, simulated and splintered, traces of wormholes. The old and old things that have ages between tens and hundreds of years are very valuable. The old comedian, with a little bit of a benefit, inherited, always puts the most honourable place in the house. Furniture with the plugs and the baton is hardly a family relic.

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