Интерьер кухни в классическом

Classic Kitchen Interior

классическом стиль кухниClassic is a simplicity of shapes, lines strict and pure colors. The kitchen, in classical style, will emphasize the traditional and conservative luxury of the owners of the house. Designors find a lot of loopholes in their basic records. All because classical style is the grantor, the basis of all the housing options we know. It was originally formed as an architectural style. Later, at a time when the fashion came back to all the Greek and Romans, it began to be used extensively in the house interior. The classics, as forms of housing, were based on all its characteristics as architectural style. The reality of the people of the classicism era is that we can only guess.

Basic rules for the processing of the interface

If free interpretation of general design rules is permitted in modern interrier styles, the classics are not exactly the same. This style, like all other architectural features, loves precision in every detail.

There are the following rules for classic kitchens:

  • It is permissible to use warm, light tones; it is important to avoid shouting shades and massive drawings;
  • Welcome naturality in all; this concerns both colours and furniture performance;
  • It is possible to use a non-exhaustive classic ornament in the construction of walls;
  • The ceiling shall be white;
  • On the floor, it's best to wipe a laminate or a tone stove.

A substantial amount of space is needed to create a truly full classic kitchen. Only then will all the elements of the decor look organic. But the owners of small kitchen spaces don't need to be upset, because some classics can always be poured into an existing designer stream. The main colors of the oldest style will make the building rooms bigger and brighter.

Furniture and equipment

Furniture in the classical kitchen is the most original and expensive thing in the entire interior. Furniture can be chosen by the bravest forms. Greetings and rounds are welcome, but this is not about the rest of the decor. Furniture in the classical kitchen should be natural. As we know, this pleasure is expensive. That's why most people refuse to process. Classical kitchens♪ There will be old penals, garments with open lockers, made out of oak, ulch, venge or cherries. The focus is always on the kitchen table. It should be massive, preferably wooden. The capital is also better selected from natural materials.

The classic kitchen is rarely a place where re-established old models of domestic appliances will be seen organically. But that doesn't mean that new copies won't be used here.

кухни в классическом стиле кухня в классическом стиле
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