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Good afternoon! We're a family with two kids. Most of the evenings go together in the kitchen. I'm happy to cook a lot, kids are drawing or doing lessons, often in the kitchen watching TV. Tell us how we can put the necessary domestic tech for comfort life, the lounge table, and the most important thing is a titan that can stay long. I mean, ideally, we have to have a kitchen matched to the living room.

Irina, Moscow.

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Furniture plan.

We have consulted Anna Smolkova, prom. Since you have a fairly simple room, Anna advises that the kitchen be divided into two functional areas: a depleted area outside the couch window and a food-preparation area. All family members can be in the kitchen at the same time without interrupting each other. The owner " works " in the prefabricated area and does not burn the TV screen. At the same time, she can watch the news and talk to the house. At the dinner table, there's room for up to six people, so it's not just the family but also guests.

The kitchen, which is reciprocally incorporated with the living room, is equipped with all the necessary equipment: a glass-cracking barbaric surface and an oven, a stretch, a wing with a dryer. The freezer refrigerator is in a closed kitchen module near the entrance, and the dishwasher and microwave stove are hiding behind the minimization furniture facades.

The view of the kitchen on the side of the door. The kitchen garrith is located in the form of letter L along the two walls.

The density of the working surface continues on TV is an extra plus for the owner who likes to cook. All family members can be involved at the same time in the preparation process, both at the simple working surface and at the table.

Possible furniture items for this planning solution.

In addition, this surface can be used to produce dishes during the arrival of the guests (to avoid holding the main table plates).

In the forming of the interface, preference shall be given to natural sequential material, calm textures and softly diverse lighting.

Dinner zone. The decorative solution is built on a combination of different reflective capacities.

The use of large parts in a small space gives the impression of monumentality and extends the boundaries of space, while a light painting manifold with an unusual composition and texture gives a sense of air, purity and connection to nature.

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