Картина с цветами на кухне

Kitchen Interior Paintings

Картины в интерьере

Geometrics and space function

The combination of paintings in the interior is directly influenced by the geometry of the surrounding space, with paintings on the wall able to correct visually the inadequacies of the room. For example, vertically situated paintings can make the ceiling seem higher and, on the contrary, horizontally scattered is its width. If the challenge is to make a narrow and long room seem shorter, it's enough to put one big and bright picture on her thorny wall.

Human perceptions are highly sensitive to horizontal lines, so by building a combination of multiple images, try to make their lower part horizontal.

The pictures and pictures may not only be hanged, but also, for example, be displayed on the shelves, but this option will not be suitable for interns in strict, Classical style

Premises also play a significant role. Large and bright halfs of decorators are not recommended to be placed in the bedroom, just as dramatic and battered images, which will no doubt impede rest and relativity.

Origin version of posting the painting on the mall, Pottery Barn

Размещение картинCouncil: If you're not sure how the interior fits into a specific, place it first on the puppet or the molten and see how it will be combined with the situation. The same reception is suitable for placing pictures in premises where, by any circumstances, walls cannot be broken and nailed.


It's important to choose the height of the painting so that it can be well visible. It should be directed to an imaginary line that passes exactly through the center of the painting. The classic, " museum " option is 152 cm from the floor to the middle line.Картина на мольберте The distinguishing group of pictures should therefore take into account the height of the frame, passport and intervals between the paintings. Thus, the centre of the painting should be slightly below the eye level of the standing person (i.e. approximately 150 cm). Small pictures and photos can be hanged slightly lower to be easily considered, larger, about 160 cm above the floor.

The pictures in the cafeteria and the kitchen should be a little lower, because you're probably not gonna be standing, but sitting at the table.

Развеска картин Rомпозиция из картин Простые рисунки Вариант размещения картин
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