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Little Kitchens Of Interrier

Организация маленькой кухниThe residents of the cartilage and small apartments are simply forced to accept uncomfortable and close kitchens. Of course, some owners simply do not notice discomfort, but when a miniature space is a constant source of discontent and annoyance, something must be changed urgently. For every owner, the kitchen is the place where the culinary skill is embedded, and if it works with a depressed attitude, it certainly affects the taste and quality of its cooking. Therefore, today is about all options for optimal planning and design of a small kitchenПрочность материалов Let's see what can be done by removing the option of combining the kitchen area with any room.

Cooking facilities

A few important points need to be taken into account before designing the small kitchen design itself:

  • elevated temperature and humidity in food preparation. Separate materials used for kitchens should be well resistant to these factors.
  • high floor load. In the kitchen, we often drop cups, plates, knives or forks, so it's very important to take care of the strength of the kitchen floor.

Функциональная кухонная мебельYou'll be able to stay, and you'll live.

The linking of functional elements (stoves, smelts and refrigeration) to established communications requires compliance with certain placement rules:

1. The gas stove shall normally be located near the gas tube.

2. You don't have to put the fridge next to the stove because it doesn't have thermal effects.

Удобное размещение кухонной мебели3. The canteen box should be close to the washing, so it won't be long after the washing. It's also a dishesive cushion locker that's convenient to place up above the wash.

4. For a small room, the best is the built-in kitchen furniture commissioned. It is equipped with a variety of designs with mobile and warehousing elements.

5. The kitchen furniture should be installed along one of the walls, predetermined from the location of the work area and the refrigeration unit, followed by the installation of a soft corner or lunch table with chairs.

6. In the miniature kitchen, try to use any space suitable for mounting furniture. To this end, hinged angular cabinets and open shelves will be well placed to provide accurate lighting.

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