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If you once looked around and decided to change something not only in your own house, but in your life, you need to think about the right organization of your living space. It's up to you to decide which energy information field it will be filled. Let's start. of the living room

Little living room

Obviously, design. small living room It would be significantly different from the layout of the space. If there is little room that each square inch should be used as efficiently as possible. Modular hull furniture for the living room will be suitable for this purpose.Бескаркасная мебель фото It can be accommodated so that there is an opportunity, changing the place and location, to easily transform the cozy house corner into a guest room. Furniture items such as chairs and chairs will be appropriate. In such a chair, you can relax tonight after work - soft contours like making the whole body comfortable. And when there are guests on the doorstep, it can either be moved away to the corner or used as a chair.

For a small room, modern living room walls, not too far, with a large number of open spaces will be suitable. The designers recommend that colours, photographs, souvenirs, books and dishes be placed on such shells.Шкаф в гостиной But it's not worth a lot of furniture and too many items. Each item should be organically incorporated into the interior and be appropriate. The minimum decoration, simplicity, neutral color gamma will help create a harmonious space even in a small living room. In order to increase space, it will be possible to:

  • Light ceilings, walls and floors,
  • transparent or a service furniture,
  • Big window,
  • a transparent neck,
  • mirror or mirror wall,
  • The right lighting.

Two harmonized flowers may be used to visually extend the space and stack the room on the bedroom and the living room. It's a very appropriate designer in studio apartments. One of the walls is painted, for example, in white, and the rest in a refugee or vice versa. A wall that is different in colour may be a background for the placement of paintings, interior objects, room plants.

Гостиная с камином Гостиная с террасой Гостиная в классическом стиле Гостиная в стиле модерн
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