Модерн вернул моду на кованые

Modestone Internière

интерьер гостиной в стиле модернModern. That word sounds exquisite even for hearing. Also found, up to the luxury, this style and visual perception. Since its inception, any innovation has undergone imminent temporary changes. Let's see how we can put this style in a modern environment. The theme of the day is the interior of the living room.

A little history.

The retrofit was created at the beginning of the twentieth century. His appearance was so intense that even the short time of popularity did not affect the modernity as a legend. Translation from Frenchmoderne means " new " , " modern " . There is a legitimate question of how modern style, which has emerged more than 100 years ago, can now be modern. Did you hear that real beauty is forever? You can take this to the modern.

интерьер гостиной в стиле модернAlfons of Muha, a Czech painter, is considered a stylish. No one's ever painted regular posters and aphis in such a manner. They were characterized by the melting of lines and colour saturation. A black woman with a scattered hair was circumcised by vitiava drawings that resemble the inflammatory branches of plants. Only natural shades were used in colour gamma.

Цвет. Интерьер гостиной в стиле модерн

Alfons' work has always had women's lines, even if not a woman. By the way, a lot of Marquetologists call his work as pedagogicals of first advertisements.

Steel upgrade in architecture is Antonio Gaudi. This Spanish architect inherited an amazing world of no similar buildings.

It would have been too long and distracted if it had nothing to do with the interior. Modern♪ And Alphonse Muhi's ornaments and the absence of the line and angles of Antonio Gaudi are the foundation of this style. Now we'll figure out how to make the living room modern.

Пол, потолок, стены. Интерьер гостиной в стиле модернColour of the guest room in modern style

One could wonder how the modern commitment to natural colour gamma and the total rejection of natural lines combined. The flowers are always warm. It's pure white, like a purely black one. It's like nature. You're not gonna find a completely clean shade, either.


It's very important to choose the furniture. In this case, you won't get anything flat. In the modern, everything has a degree of invertedness - legs, pens, backs. But these swellings and vomitings are turning the case so that you're not represented by separate elements, but by one seamless line. By the way, modern fantasies can sacrifice even comfort.

Витражи. Интерьер гостиной в стиле модерн Окна и двери. Интерьер гостиной в стиле модерн Освещение. Интерьер гостиной в стиле модерн Аксессуары. Интерьер гостиной в стиле модерн
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