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Модерн в интерьере дома. Фотогалерея интерьеров внутри 2015, современные идеиModern is an art channel that was created in the eighty years of the nineteenth century. Gustave Climt's paintings, Aubrey Birdslay's schedule, Antonio Gaudi's architecture, are the most important examples of work that have taken into account the fundamental principles of modernity.

The artists, the people who immediately assessed the future of the new style, wanted to bring some of the modern arts and the ordinary lives of people to their homes, the yards, the streets. The constant sense of rituality, celebrity, ease was at the heart of modernity, served as the goal of his remarkable means.

What are we watching? The abundance of air silk tissues, glazing products, nothing equated and symmetrical, wood, light metal, fantasy vegetation ornament is what's modern in the interior.

Inhabit the world of beauty and good beautiful stories, great images, among which there will be exquisite pictures of flowers, Iris and lilies. A man's life that is so bright, and it becomes brighter, blurring all the fingers of paint. Favored lines, the modern selected zigzagi and spiral. The material is glass, wood, metal. Among the additional elements, the blind and the vitacles. For lighting, effective chandeliers and spicy ribs. The windows are lung curtains and puffy lambredens.

Identity in everything is a modern-style interior motto. Furniture from red trees, expensive antique items (hours, accessories, furniture), assorted and silver platinum, expensive souvenirs, wallets of interior.

For an art-neutral interior, the uniqueness of design, the intrusion of objects and things is mandatory. Frequently, the designers of such interns have become famous architects and artists. The exclusive project, Modern, is the most real waterway in the apartment or home, in a good way, of course. Disein Interière For a long time, the Modern would welcome a man with plastic shapes and complex flower tiles. It is possible to try to put into practice such interesting style decisions as walls, clouded tissues, vibration glass instead of partitions between rooms, blindness on the ceiling instead of boring and uniform panels.

Furniture, which is preferred, quality, profitable and good, with noble elements of the decor. Modern put his passing seal on rounded forms and on the backs of the chairs and couches and on the large use of glass.

The House Interns Bureau will provide you with an upgrade.

The Modern home is truly beautiful, light, calm and harmonious. And if you're tired of boredom and uniformity, that style is what you need to divulge the gray day with bright paints.
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