Дизайн квартиры студии 30 кв

30 Square Kilometres Of Studio Apartment

A young Berlin designer has developed a studio filled with a little, but extremely functional furniture in ReuseRecycle.

In the photo:

This small apartment in Berlin was designed for short-term rent, so it's got a lot of logic in the hotel room. However, the design of an apartment building of 30 square metres also contains witty ideas, how to dispose of space by maximizing its extra interior objects. We'll look at them in more detail to recommend a small youth creativity.

Subject information:
Place: Berlin
Mixture: 30 square metres
Year: 2012
Architect: Paola Bagna (Paola Bagna) spamroom.net Foto: Ringo Paulusch

In the photo: Paola Bagn, architect.

These small apartments in Berlin are like a mini-host with a funny concept and a " talkable " Plus One. The idea is that an apartment building can be rented for any number of days, but that's the end of a match with the hotel. Here, everyone aims to make the resident a real Berliner for this period, hence the name " Plus One " : in addition to square metres, the tenant will receive the " Friends of the neighbors " who, in their free time, are willing to show him the local authentic places, from the café to the galleries, and to help infiltrate the spirit of the place.
Apartments look original not only a concept, but also an interior of a studio apartment of 30 square metres. It is located in the Noikeln quarter, not too touristic, but very creative, Berlin, and the designer Paola Bagna created an interrier in a fashion style here: simple, small, green, light-colored interior design. In order to make maximum use of the 30 square metres available and make the interface more flexible and original, it has itself developed every subject of the situation. It's been pretty witty, and some ideas can be appropriate not only for a mini-host, but also for a mini-daughter. apartments or rooms

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