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Actually, making a mailbox was one of my oldest dreams.
I'm very curious about the book. It's not every day in the design studio, even if it's the only good, they come with such orders. And the whole point is, if the designer is to order something, he should at least predict his own suitability. It's so obvious that you can fuck. And no one uses it at all, and it's all fucked up.
When I started dreaming about designing the mailbox, what did I do? Going to see the Post Office of Russia to tell them "Your mailboxes suck, can I do better?" If I was such an asshole, you'd read another blog now. I sat down and invented a series of city objects to show everyone that's an application for attention.
In far 2002, I wrote:
"The city's face consists not only of buildings, but also of the city-specific parts - telephone booths, postcards, lampposts, benches, urns, bus stops.
We like to come up with beautiful things that we can use. You can come to our studio and order an industrial design of any object, from toothbrush to a small town."
And among other things, there was a mailbox.
Yeah, he looks a little naive today. But it's the picture that came into the eyes of the post office, we were called to a meeting and said, "We want to order you a new mailbox for the whole country."
Yeah, I had to wait a little bit. But these years have been busy with other equally important things. And now we have a new mailbox in the portfolio. This time it's real.
By the way, apart from the appearance, we've done a pretty good job with production technology. Previous boxes cost 7,000 roubles per thing and ours 1,500. It's also part of our job, apart from the beautiful pictures.
Gradually new mailboxes start to appear in the city.
Fortunately, there are many countries in the world where new mailboxes can be made, and after Russia, I am not going to stop.
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