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Vision Of Small Apartments With Pictures

A delicate long studio with a pair of windows on the torch, and all the stuff that came from the trips seemed very sad. A little fantasy, a lot of calculations, and she turned into a model housing for a modern man.

In the photo:

The apartment has one significant convenience - it is located on the last floor and has a significant rise in the central part. This allowed JPDA architects to make a bed-loft under the ceiling, and to write a kitchen with a plumb and a great many storage systems.

Subject information:
Mixture: 45 square metres
Place: East-Village, New York
Year: 2009
Architectures: Jordan Parnass and Darrick Borowski of Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture (JPDA)
Photo: Frank Oudeman and Sean Karns

In the photo: Jordan Parnass " Darrick Borowsk, architects.

"Maybe you'll be able to come up with something with my apartment," he went to the JPDA architects by Michael, who invited them to consult the division. The architects looked around the corner and realized that the usual “renovation” would not be here and offered to reschedule the apartment completely.

The problem is, not only did the customer live in a 45-metre studio with a rather unsuccessful shape with windows on the torch, but also often worked in it, and stored the shipments of the savages and arts.

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